Mopping 101

Mopping is a technique that takes a lot of time and practice to fully master. Before any mopping operation begins it is important to select the proper mop for the job being done. After we have selected our mop the next part is to properly vacuum and dust mop the entire surface that needs to be mopped. Navigate to our Vacuuming 101 post to gain more knowledge into it. Next, while we are doing on dust mopping and vacuuming portion we identify the “problem areas” this is especially important and allows you those areas to soak up our solutions so that when we move on to the mopping it will be easily removed. Get your bucket get your water get your cleaning solutions put in and we are ready to get to work.

Always start at the furthest area and work your way backwards so that you will always be standing in the portion that hasn’t been mopped yet. We at Idaho Commercial Cleaners use the figure-eight pattern when we do our mopping. This ensures that we get the maximum amount of area without tiring ourselves and makes the floor look spotless. Keep your mop bucket close so that you can do a couple figure eight patters, rinse the mop, wringe, and continue mopping. When you get to hard area spots that won’t come out with the mop alone, press the the base of the broom into the area and rigorously clean. Always remember to keep an eye on your mop bucket when the water starts to become to dirty it should be changed and replaced with clean water and more mopping solutions, this ensures that the building will always be in pristine condition.

Be careful with certain floors and always follow the manufactures recommended guidelines on proper cleaning techniques and solutions. Always research the cleaning solution you use to make sure it will work with your floor.

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Vacuuming 101

Vacuuming may seem like an easy enough task but some places often get overlooked more then others which can make or break the appearance of your place. Most people do just a quick spot cleaning service in the high traffic areas and forget about the most crucial areas. First getting underneath desks and around trash cans is one the biggest problems with most companies, ask your cleaners if they will take the time out of their day to move chairs and desks to get into the hard to reach areas. Another tricky part is getting behind doors, furniture, and in between appliances. Having proper equipment and taking the necessary time to get in between the tough areas is what makes us at IDAHO COMMERCIAL CLEANERS really stand out.

Before starting any vacuum job, make sure to empty and clean the vacuum filter to remove dirt and dust from previous jobs, this will ensure that your vacuum with operate at maximum capacity. Taking special precautions can ensure that your equipment is able to make it to the next job.

Make sure to follow OSHA rules and guidelines when it comes to plugging in and using corded vacuum cleaners. Never pull the cord from the wall, walk up and pull the cord out directly. Also, always use a properly grounded cord when using equipment inside and outside this can ensure that the equipment will properly ground in case of a fault.

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